The smooth cycling roads of Mallorca

Mallorca Cycling is an informative website about everything you need to know about cycling in Mallorca. Our aim is to provide up to date information about everything you need to know about cycling the roads of Mallorca.

More and more cyclists are discovering the secret delights of Mallorca with over 140,000 flocking to the Island this year. Mallorca has become the mecca for European cycling escapes. Thanks to a sustained effort from the local government Mallorca has been transformed in recent years into a cyclists paradise.

mallorca cycle route

A Mallorcan cycle route

Mallorca has the perfect ingredients for every type of cyclist:

  • Smooth well maintained roads
  • Low traffic levels and respectful local drivers
  • Fully signed posted cycle routes
  • High mountain passes for the hardcore climbers
  • Tranquil flat roads for the leisure cyclists
  • Great all-year-round weather
  • Frequent and cheap supply of flights from across Europe
  • Plentiful accommodation
  • Lots of bike rental and repair shops

Almost all of the professional cycling teams use Mallorca as a training base in the winter months. Teams like Sky Pro Cycling, Garmin Cannondale, BMC and katusha can all be spotted on the islands roads in December, January and February.

To get started you might want to learn about where to stay, bicycle hire and the best times to visit. To help you plan your trip we have suggested routes and detailed descriptions and maps of all the climbs.

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