On a recent visit to Mallorca with easyjet some of our bikes didn’t make it to Palma airport, and we weren’t the only ones.

About 8 bikes came off our flight whilst the bikes of a further 15 cyclists were left in London. Cue angry cyclists, the bicycles finally made it out to Palma 24hrs later. After a quick chat to an member of the easyjet ground crew we descovered that this is a regular problem. During the peak cycling season in Mallorca (late Winter/early Spring and Autumn) we were told that weekend flights (particularly Saturdays) often see bikes left behind. Even though bike spaces are booked in advance the total weight of the aircraft cannot be calculated until the day of departure.

Therefore we recommend that if you are flying out to Mallorca on a weekend in peak cycling season, prepare yourself for the possibility of your bike being delayed. You should check with your travel insurance provider to ensure that they will cover the cost of a rental bike. Also familiarise yourself with a convenient bicycle rental shop before you go and try to avoid scheduling any important rides for the day after you arrive.