After a recent visit to Mallorca I can not stress enough how important it is to stay hydrated when turning the pedals in the summer months. With temperatures soaring above 30 degrees you really need to plan your hydration. If you get caught short with empty bottles and no where nearby to refill you will start to go backwards very quickly!

Here are my top tips for cycling in the warmer months in Mallorca.DSC00092

  • Leave early if you can. The days are light from 7am and are much cooler before 10am when it really starts to heat up.
  • Carry 750ml water bottles. They should fit most standard bottle cages. I would not worry about the extra weight as that extra fluid will go a long way on the climbs.
  • Plan your refills before its too late. Work out when your stopping so ┬ácan you manage how much you can drink and how much you will need get home.
  • As a general rule of thumb drink a bottle every hour, for some it could be more or for some it could be less! However just keep sipping away and stay on top of your hydration.
  • Use a electrolyte tablet to help replenish those salts that are lost. carry a tube with you so can top up on the go.

You need be very careful when cycling in hot conditions as hydration can set in very quickly, if you start to feel light headed, dizzy and have the feeling of extreme thirst then this is a clear sign to seek some fluids and some shade until your back on top of it.

Stay safe out there and remember… water is for winners!