During the months of January and February  temperatures in Mallorca can range from 4 degrees in the evening  to 15 degrees during the day and would you believe as  I’m writing this there has been  snow  falling in my beloved Mallorca…mad!!!

My advice is. DO NOT get caught out when cycling in Mallorca at this time of year and don’t think because it’s in the Mediterranean it will be warm all the time (although 300 plus days it is sunny). Be prepared and make sure you pack some warm clothing:

The Essentials:

  • Arm warmers
  • Knee warmers
  • Shoe covers,
  • Long finger Gloves
  • Gilet
  • Base layer

During a ride these items can be easily removed as you can become very warm when climbing a long 5-10 km climb but what goes up, must come down and descents can be a bit chilly and your Gilet and arm warmers will become your best friend.

Our tips and advice:

  • Always check the weather before leaving for Mallorca.
  • Don’t be afraid to pack winter clothing (Be Prepared)
  • Pack arm warmers, knee warmers, shoe covers, longer finger gloves and a Gilet
  • Base layers are essential, keeping you cool in the summer but also provide warmth  in the winter
  • Merino wool socks are a crowd pleaser get involved. Comfy and warm!

Team sky Braving the January roads in Mallorca…Character building. Then what it really looks like.