Whatever time of year you go Mallorca will have plenty of cyclists. Its normally possible to ride one some part of the island 365 days a year.

The professional teams visit in December and January for their start of season training camps. Amateur training camps start in February and run until November, with the peak season being April for spring training. In late March, April and early May you are likely to see many more cyclists than motorists. The climbs are teaming with riders and cyclist friendly facilities are in full swing. Summer brings more casual cyclists and the influx of sun seeking holiday makers. Autumn is a great time to visit as the temperature cools and the package holiday tourism slows down.


Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C 15.2 15.7 17.1 18.7 22.1 25.9 28.9 29.5 27.1 23.4 19.2 16.5 21.6
Daily mean °C 11.7 12.1 13.3 15.0 18.4 22.1 25.1 25.9 23.4 19.7 15.7 13.0 17.9
Average low °C 8.3 8.5 9.5 11.3 14.7 18.4 21.3 22.2 19.8 16.1 12.1 9.7 14.3
Precipitation mm 43 34 26 43 30 11 5 17 39 68 58 45 427
Source: Agencia Estatal de Meteorología[5]

The weather is generally very cycle friendly however the winter months can be chilly and wet. Be aware that the mountains in Mallorca usually get a few days of snow each year which can close many of the climbs. In spring and autumn the temperature rises but the island does get some rainy days. Also be aware that the temperature in the mountains can be much lower than at sea level and clouds tend to linger over the mountains even if it sunny elsewhere on the island. In summer the temperature can soar and cyclist who are out all day need to think about sun protection and hydration.

Mallorca Cycling Recommend:

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