Price: £299 (€358, $475)                  Company: TheBikeBoxCompany                    Weight: 9.2kg

The PROBOX is a plastic moulded hard bicycle travel case. It is closed via a zip and has a TSA approved combination lock. At 9.2kg the PROBOX is lighter than many other hard cases and leave you with lots of available weight for your frame. The box is also spacious. During a recent trip we were actually able to leave the pedals on the frame and still close the case (not reccomended but fits).

BikeBoxCompany PROBOX

A fully packed PROBOX

Packing the bike

The box doesn’t come with a set of instructions on how to pack your bike in. We had to use trial and error to work out the best method of packing.


The unique skewer attaches to the outside of the case and re-enforces on the inside

To pack the bike you must first remove the wheels. The PROBOX comes with wheel covers and space for each wheel on one side of the case. One of the best features of the case is that supplied reenforcmenet skewers. When packing your wheels you replace your bikes skewers with the ones sppulied with the box. These attach through the outside of the case, meaning your wheels are securely fastened to the case. On the other end of the skewer is a plastic part which reaches to the other side of the box and provides internal reinforcement. Its a very clever system, the soft foam padding comes with pre cut holes that the reinforcements pass through.


You will also need to remove your handlebars and the stem and your pedals. The skewers, pedals and any tools can be placed in the supplied pouch. The frame is then laid into the box an secured via the integral straps. A large piece of fitted foam sites between the wheels and the frame and another between the frame and the case. In our test we were also able to comfortably fit in a track pump and helmet.


Whilst the plastic is of a high quality we worry about the zip, only time will tell if this is as durable as the clasp mechanisms used in other hard cases. The internal renforment skewers give the case a very solid feel. We wouldn’t be worried about having other items tacked on top of this case. The foam inserts are also high quality but still need to be treated with care. The case has wheels, only the front two rotate so its best to pull it behind you.


The TSA friendly combination lock


A great value hardcase that is significantly cheaper than the market leader; BikeBoxAlan. Has some great unique features to protect your bike. The case is solid and spacious but not at the expense of weight.

What we liked: Overall weight, Re-enforcing Skewers, Fitted foam protectors, Included accessories

What we didn’t: Zip instead of clasps, No instruction manual, No through handle to hook up to a bike scale

Rating: 4/5