It is increasingly common to find riders who have had custom bicycle fittings, something that is very hard to replicate on a rental bike. Even though you can improve the feel of a hire bike by taking along your own pedals and saddle, there’s no feeling quite like your own bike.
Carrying the bicycle

The vast majority of visitors fly into Mallorca, the airlines won’t carry a bicycle in its normal format (wheels and saddle on). Therefore you will need some sort of box or bag in order to check-in your bike. There are 2 typical options:

Soft Bag
Soft bicycle bags are in between the cardboard box and hard case in terms of price and easier to store at home. Soft cases come with a variety of features. You will need to remove the wheel and seat post and most require you to turn or remove the handlebars. 

Hard cases  
Offer the ultimate in protection, for a price. Hard cases are usually made of high grade plastic. You will need to remove your wheels and seatpost, and most likely also the handlebars. Hard cases off the ultimate protection from the ham fisted baggage handler. Hard cases also tend to have more space inside for extra items, like a track pump, helmet and some clothing (see airline warning below). However hard cases are more difficult to store at home.