Key Towns: Port de Pollença, Alcúdia, Can Picafort

The main focus of the East Coast of Mallorca is the two picturesque bays of Alcúdia and Pollença. Both bays feature sweeping beaches and a strip of hotels, restaurants and towns lining the bay. The major town of Alcudia features the second port on the island with ferry services to Barcelona and Menorca. To the north of the East Coast lies the Formentor peninsular, with its famous lighthouse at the end. The ride from Port de Pollenca to the Cap de Formentor lighthouse is one of our classic rides. Outside of Alcúdia most of the settlements around the bays are tourist resorts, of varying quality, empty in the winter and packed during the summer peak.

Mallorca East Coast Map

Cycling Notes

The East Coast is prime territory for organised cycling trips. If you’re booked onto a training camp, you’ll most likely be staying in one of the East Coast resorts. The tour companies are attracted by the abundant (and cheap, off peak) accommodation, the beaches and the proximity to the Eastern Serra de Tramuntana mountains. From here you can head quickly into the mountains or head into Central Mallorca for a longer flatter ride. The major downside of the East Coast is the distance to the airport and Palma, many tour companies will offer transfers but if not prepare yourself for a costly taxi ride.

At a glance

Good for: Climbers, Rouleurs, Sprinters, Beach Lovers, Swimmers
Not so good for: Easy access to the airport or Palma, Avoiding other cyclists