Lakes Cúber and Gorg Blau

Lakes Cúber and Gorg Blau

Key Towns: Sóller, Alaró, Inca, Selva, Pollença

The Eastern Serra de Tramuntana contains the highest peaks in Mallorca, the radar station at the top of the Puig Major tops out at 1,445m. Although the mountain pass cuts through a tunnel lower down at 854m. The Eastern Serra is also where you’ll find Sa Colobra, the legendary climb/descent that leads to a fishing village of the same name. Inca is the largest town in the Eastern Serra and the second largest on the Island. Most of the population (and hotels) lie in the foothills of the mountains. Sóller is a beautiful old Spanish town that gained its wealth through the citrus trade. Its boasts a wide range of accommodations and restaurants. There is also a tourist train that runs from the centre of Palma to Sóller.

Eastern Serra de Tramuntana Map

Cycling Notes

As you might imagine the main draw to the Eastern Serra is the climbing. Particularly the ascents of the Puig Major and Sa Colobra. The MA-10 road runs through the spine of the Eastern Serra and connects Sóller and Pollença. Its a beautiful ride, with panoramas of the mountains and the Mediterranean. Sóller is a great cycling base but the only way out is via one of three mountain passes. Inca, Selva and Alaró provide a less strenuous base but with the same easy access to the mountains.

At a glance

Good for: Climbers, Walkers, Nature
Not so good for: Sprinters, Rouleurs, Party Animals, Beach Lovers                                                         Recommended coffee stop: Sa Ruta Verda