Palma Mallorca Train

Photo credit: Olaf Tausch

Mallorca is covered in cycle routes and quiet country lanes. However no matter where you stay some parts of the island might be a bit too far away to access by bicycle alone. In order to ride as much of the beautiful Mallorquin terrain as possible you might want to think of way of getting your bicycle around the island.

Rental Car
For the most control and access to all of the island a rental car is the best way to go. Cheap and plentiful car hire can be found across the island, although most foreign tourists rent from the airport. For the best value try to avoid “Pick up full, return empty” fuel policies.
These are easy and usually cheaper, its not uncommon to see a weeks rental for less than £10/€12/$15. However you will get stung for whatever fuel price the hire company specifies and there is no refund for any unused fuel.

You’ll need to think about what size car to rent to fit you and your bikes in. A great option if theres a few of you is a small van, Citroen Berlingo or similar. All the main rental companies offer these and if you have a group 2 or 3 smalls vans is often cheaper than 1 large van or minibus.

Public Transport
The main public transport you can take your bike on is the Train Mallorca. The train runs from Palma to Manacor and Sa Pobla via Inca. If you’re staying in Palma its a great way to see other parts of the island. You can’t take your bike on all trains in the schedule (see schedule for details). You can also take your bike on some ferries and boats, but you’ll need to check with the operator.

Unfortunately you can’t take bikes on the heritage train that runs from Palma to Soller.

For more details on public transport, including maps, timetables and fares see TIB Mallorca public transport.

Subject to some negotiation, and maybe an extra fee, taxi drivers will usually take a bicycle. Its an expensive way to get around but can be handy if you’re on your own and making shorter trips.