Key Towns: Colonia de Sant Jordi, SantanyĆ­, Cala D’or, Porto Christo, Cala Millor

Beautiful beaches, peaceful coastal towns and plentiful accommodation spread from Cala Pi in the West to Calla Millor in the East. Perfect if you want to be near a beach resort but want to stay away from the in-your-face tourism of Palma Bay.

Mallorca South Coast Map

Cycling Notes

The south coast is furthest part of Mallorca away from the mountains. If you stay in resort of Cala D’Or the nearest big mountain climb is 60km away. Although there are a few challenging monastery climbs dotted around Central Mallorca. However if you want to pound out the KMs, this is the perfect area for long flat rides.

At a glance

Good for: Sprinters, Long flat rides, Beach Lovers, Swimming
Not so good for: Climbers